Margaret Liang

Mountain of A  (2022-) 

Untitled Body (2022)

Untitled Pictures (2019-2021)



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Margaret Liang (b.1998) is an artist/photographer based in London.
Having resided in different countries growing up, Margaret derives her artistic voice from an auto-theoretical lens, from her experience of being a woman and a woman of colour. She adopts performative portraits and self-portraits as her primary means of practice. Her subject matters include intersectional feminism, gender and the asian diaspora.

Masters Curating Contemporary Art, Royal College of Art, 2023-2024
Master of Arts, Royal College of Art, 2021-2023
Bachelor of Fine Arts, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2017-2020

Press and Publications:
AnOther Magazine, 2023
PhMuseum, 2023
Der Greif, Guest room: Annekathrin Kohout, 2023
Wül Magazine, 2022
Fotofilmic, JRNL 14, 2022
Fotofilmic, JRNL 13, 2022
Transference Magazine, 2022
Pearl Press, Parallel, 2022
Sola Journal, The Land From Which We Come, 2022
NOIA. Magazine, Reassemblage, 2022

Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Camden Art Centre, London, UK, 2024
TNT’ The Photographers Gallery, 2023
Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool, UK, 2023
Savoring Shadows, Copeland Gallery, London, UK, 2023
Royal College of Art MA Degree Show, London, UK, 2023
Just Women, Image Nation Paris, Paris, FR, 2023
Bodily Autonomies, University of Heidelberg, 2023
Bodily Autonomies, Queer Festival Heidelberg, GE, 2023
Exhibition Series #3, Dyson Building, London, UK, 2022
Work In Progress, Royal College of Art, London, UK,2021
I Spoke to Them, Safehouse, London, UK, 2021
SE Center of Photography, Greenville, SC, US, 2021
BFA Degree Show at SAIC, Chicago, IL, US, 2020
A New Vision, Texas Photographic Society, Coppell, TX, US, 2020
Portrait of Self Isolation, Photo Place Gallery, Middlebury, VT, US, 2020

The New Talent, The Photographers Galelry, 2023
Blurring the Lines finalist, 2023
Bloomberg New Contemporaries finalist, 2023
POY Asia Award finalist, 2023
Distinction, Royal College of Art, 2023
Merit Scholarship, SAIC, 2017-2020